SDK version 3.14

VRmagic has launched version 3.14 of its Software Development Kit. The SDK offers a simple machine vision image processing library for all VRmagic's camera models

Cameras with Picoblade miniature connectors

German camera manufacturer VRmagic now offers a back end for its Linux-based intelligent cameras with Picoblade miniature connectors for Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host, RS232, and general purpose I/O, analogue video output

Intelligent camera models

The German camera manufacturer VRmagic is expanding its series of intelligent cameras with three models featuring high-resolution sensors

Medical marvels

Warren Clark looks at applications of vision technology in medical diagnosis and treatment

AreaScan3D sensor

VRmagic has introduced a 3D area sensor based on digital stripe light projection that supplies ready-calculated 3D data records for industrial image processing

Auto Channel Balance

The camera manufacturer VRmagic has developed an algorithm that automatically corrects pattern formation in black-and-white sensors

Rescue USB Stick

VRMagic has introduced a Rescue USB Stick, which allows developers to restore a camera's internal Linux operating system to its factory state quickly and easily if necessary


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