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Auto Channel Balance

The camera manufacturer VRmagic has developed an algorithm that automatically corrects pattern formation in black-and-white sensors. The Auto Channel Balance automatically measures and corrects differences in pixel gain. The function has been integrated in the API and CamLab from VRmagic and is currently implemented in the camera models VRmC-9/BW, VRmC-9+/BW, VRmFC-9/BW and VRmDC-9/BW.

A well-known problem of monochrome sensors is pattern formation in the grey area. This phenomenon occurs if the same hardware is used for the black-and-white sensor as for a colour sensor. Although the sensor surface does not then have a Bayer pattern, which filters the analogue colour information according to the colours red, green and blue, the signal still passes through three separate channels in the hardware. In colour sensors, these three amplifier circuits allow individual adjustment of the colours, such as for white balancing. If used with a monochrome sensor, the separate channels lead to different gain values for neighbouring pixels. In order to prevent the resultant patterns in the image, it was necessary in the past to manually adjust the gain.


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