Intelligent camera

For challenging OEM applications with tight or angled installation space VRmagic offers an intelligent camera with a remote sensor that can be freely positioned.

VRmC-8+ and VRmC-9+/BW

VRmagic has launched two USB 2.0 cameras - VRmC-8+ and VRmC-9+/BW - with a small form factor in board. Board dimensions are 32 x 32mm.

VRmC-3+ PRO camera

VRmagic has released the VRmC-3+ PRO camera, which is a versatile entry-level camera for industrial applications.

USB-powered frame grabbers

VRmagic, which is based in Mannheim Germany, is offering USB-powered frame grabbers for applications with NTSC- or PAL-cameras. The light-weight external components can be controlled using the API of VRmagic's software development kit.

FPGA cameras

VRmagic's cameras feature an internal 64Mb buffer that prevents loss of image data and optimises the use of bandwidth when operating multiple USB components.


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