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AreaScan3D sensor

VRmagic has introduced a 3D area sensor based on digital stripe light projection that supplies ready-calculated 3D data records for industrial image processing.

The AreaScan3D sensor outputs the recorded 3D data to the evaluation computer via an industrial Ethernet interface. The data is output directly as a point cloud or a greyscale-coded range map. The 3D sensor is addressed via a GenICam transport layer (GenTL). It is therefore compatible with all image processing libraries and packages that can already communicate with a GenTL, such as Common Vision Blox or Halcon.

The sensor features a robust metal housing with IP65 protection, screw-type standard industrial connectors, a 24V connection, an Ethernet interface as well as hardware and software triggers. AreaScan3D is available with measuring fields ranging from a few millimetres up to a square metre. It offers a guaranteed accuracy in the sub-micrometre to millimetre range, depending on the measuring field size.

Stripe projection, image recording and generation of the point cloud are performed in an integrated manner based on an intelligent camera from VRmagic. The DLP pico projector from Texas Instruments and the camera are synchronised with a frequency of 60Hz. Output of a complete 3D data record is possible, with approximately 360,000 individual points per scan.

Compared with classic 2D image processing, optical 3D measurement with stripe light projection can offer more efficient and robust testing methods, particularly for inspection objects with low contrast or under varying lighting conditions. Material colour also does not have any influence on measuring accuracy. The AreaScan3D sensor offers maximum external light stability through use of a colour LED combined with a band-pass filter.

Stemmer Imaging will be exclusively responsible for distribution of AreaScan3D in Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, and Switzerland as well South Korea and Taiwan.


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