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SDK version 3.14

VRmagic has launched version 3.14 of its Software Development Kit. The SDK offers a simple machine vision image processing library for all VRmagic’s camera models. The library contains sophisticated algorithms for tasks such as object recognition, blob segmentation or barcode readers. All code is optimised for the DSP of the DaVinci SoC for the intelligent cameras from VRmagic, but also runs on the ARM core as well as PC platforms under Linux and Windows (x86).

Demo source codes for DSP and USB/PC are included in the SDK. The VM_LIB is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes and for development of applications with the manufacturer’s components.

The SDK allows developers to carry out generic interface programming that is compatible with all of VRmagic’s camera models. The clearly structured development environment provides users with control of all camera functions as well as unrestricted access to the raw sensor data. It is compatible with all current Windows operating systems and Linux and includes demonstration programs as well as freely usable source codes for different development platforms.


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