TPL Vision

TPL Vision

At TPL Vision, LED illumination is our world - and it’s ALL we do. Known for our excellent customer service, our Technical Support and Machine Vision Engineers will expertly assist you to quickly identify the best illumination for your application, leaving you free to focus on your projects. TPL Vision’s LED illuminations feature in-built product modularity and flexibility, making them ideal for machine vision, robotics and traceability applications, including logistics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive.

CSBack collimated backlight

Launching on 28 April, TPL Vision’s new collimated backlight brings high intensity illumination in a small package for projects requiring precise silhouetting

From left: Wenglor MD Rafael Baur; TPL Vision MD Daniel Huber; and head of the computer vision business unit Christian Vollrath. Credit: Wenglor

Wenglor acquires TPL Vision for lighting tech

TPL Vision will be integrated into the Wenglor group as a division, but will continue to exist as an independent business unit

A tunable LED light source offers spectral reproduction. Credit: Pro-Lite Technology

Calibration across the spectrum

Leslie Lyons, business development manager for light metrology at Pro-Lite Technology, says spectral camera calibration needs a spectrally tunable light source


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