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Modular Bar barlight

Most machine vision users know that it can be very difficult to choose the right illumination for their application. Combine thousands of possible configurations from external lighting suppliers with embedded-illumination options available from Camera manufacturers, and it can be a confusing and time-consuming process to identify the best solution. It’s particularly hard to get it right first time around, especially when users are not experts, leading to costly re-designs.

TPL Vision understand this challenge, and created a simple, novel approach to selecting optimum illumination solutions: Modularity. After the successful release of their Modular Ringlight in 2017 - a ringlight that can be easily turned into a Low-Angle, a Dome or a Bar based illumination – TPL Vision are delighted to introduce their newest addition to the Modular Range: the Modular Bar (M-EBAR).

The Modular Bar is based on the long running and highly reliable EBAR+ barlight platform, trusted in thousands of applications each year around the world. The Modular approach of the M-EBAR combines a multi-featured barlight with Angle Changers, which quickly and securely clip to the top of the M-EBAR and convert it’s Ultra-Narrow lenses into Narrow, Medium, Wide or Linelight options. This gives users maximum flexibility whilst keeping the ingress protection rating at IP65.

The Modular theme continues with the selection of white LEDs which can be quickly turned into red or blue, and operated in continuous, strobe or overdrive modes using just one single M12, 5 pin connector. This brings users the brightest and most flexible barlight available today, with just 8 part numbers covering hundreds of possible application combinations.

Choosing the right illumination product can now be a quick and easy process. By selecting a Modular Bar or Ringlight from TPL Vision, users can finally meet their customer needs in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. With easy-to-use feasibility testing kits and technical application notes, beginners quickly gain illumination knowledge and build their confidence, whilst experts enjoy high performance operation for even the most demanding of machine vision applications.


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