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CSBack collimated backlight

New advancements in machine vision are accelerating the adaptation of digital image analysis for measurement and quality analysis purposes. Collimated lights are used in machine vision projects where having clearly defined edges of objects are critical to the application’s success. Launching on 28th April, TPL Vision’s new collimated backlight brings high intensity illumination in a small package for projects requiring precise silhouetting. Due to its slim profile of 21mm thickness and narrow 5mm borders, the CSBACK makes it possible to achieve high-contrast images even in challenging applications working with confined spaces or small objects which are difficult to inspect.

Product Manager Jack McKinley explains: “The CSBACK was designed to facilitate machine vision projects with a focus on the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive and manufacturing industries. Our goal with the product is to help users eliminate poor quality images which can lead to inaccurate measurements or a loss of productivity.”

Key application areas include the imaging of clear parts and objects with rounded edges, which are notoriously hard to inspect with improper lighting due to the lack of contrast. This is a common concern especially for pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications, where traditional backlights can ‘wash out’ the edges and features of parts being inspected. Using the collimation effect solves this issue by preventing the diffuse light from spreading around the edges of parts, thereby increasing contrast and measurement accuracy.

Offering increased precision where high accuracy is a necessity, the CSBACK can help applications with measuring thread pitch, checking the placement of lids, analysing the profile of thick and round workpieces, checking the presence of needles, and examining scratches or dents on transparent surfaces. The CSBACK can be used with regular C-mount lenses as well as telecentric lenses, providing uniform illumination at various sizes from 50x50 mm to 200x200mm. Free evaluation loans are available from TPL Vision following the launch on the 28th April.


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