Waterproof IP69K washdown barlights

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TPL Vision built their industry leading reputation providing the brightest and largest LED Illumination products on the market. Now they’re bringing their expertise into Washdown applications, introducing the new Waterproof IP69K Washdown Barlights. TPL Vision’s Waterproof IP69K Washdown lights provide high brightness, uniform illumination in a rugged package designed to withstand the rigours of harsh chemical cleaning & de-contamination.

'IP69K washdown lights are so much more than a light in a waterproof casing,' said Jack McKinley, Product Manager at TPL Vision. 'Ensuring the product is compliant with the tough IP69K Certification process requires careful design and material selection to eradicate condensation and bacterial contamination risks, whilst still providing the high performance and reliability that our customers demand.'

Designed specifically for Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical machine vision applications, the Waterproof IP69K Washdown Barlights have:

  • Smooth cylindrical surfaces to prevent bacterium build-up & enable rapid cleaning,
  • Rugged 316L stainless steel & PMMA housing,
  • Extensive cleaning solvent compatibility,
  • Wide ambient operating temperature and humidity range,
  • Longest standard bar lengths on the market - up to 1250mm,
  • 6 colour options (UV to IR) & 2 versions (Barlight and Backlight Bar) covering Direct, Darkfield, Linescan and Dome Illumination applications,
  • Simple «Plug & Light» operation: 24V DC power supply with integrated current control,
  • Swivel mounting brackets for easy installation.

TPL Vision’s Waterproof IP69K Washdown Barlight range brings reliable, high brightness lighting to the extremes of Machine Vision application requirements. For less demanding applications where IP69K ratings are not required, the EBAR+ Barlight range offers IP65 as standard, with additional Linking and Overdrive options to provide the best possible solution for your application.

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