Third-generation PSS-40 testing stations

Otto Vision Technology, which builds testing systems for connector parts and other small components in the punching industry, explains how its systems are improving thanks to cameras from SVS-Vistek


The hr120 is the latest flagship in SVS-Vistek’s ultra-high-resolution series with a stunning resolution of 120 megapixels

SVS Vistek

SVS Vistek will be showing its range of high resolution, high speed cameras

Svs8050 and svs4050 cameras

SVS-Vistek's camera line SVCam-HR has been upgraded with new models. Two new products, the svs8050 and the svs4050 with dual GigE-Vision interface have been launched

Solutions at all levels

Warren Clark tracks the history of SVS-Vistek, a German manufacturer, distributor and system consultant in the machine vision industry


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