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Exo990, Exo991 and Fxo990 VIS-SWIR cameras and Hr65 65MP camera

The new exo990, exo991 and fxo990 cameras from SVS-Vistek cover an extremely wide wavelength range from the visible VIS to the invisible SWIR range, are cost-effective and with their GenICam interface as easy to use as normal industrial cameras.

With the SenSWIR sensor, Sony has developed the new copper-copper bonding technology, which enables a significant increase in quantum efficiency (almost up to 100 % in the NIR range) due to a thinner InGaAs interface layer. This leads to a highly efficient, small and thus economical design of the sensors due to the small pixel size of only 5 µm. In addition, the sensor is sensitive in the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1700 nm and thus covers a broad spectrum from the visible VIS to the invisible SWIR range, which is very interesting for industrial applications.

SVS-Vistek uses this kind of sensor in its new exo990, exo991 and fxo990 cameras, thereby expanding its product range into the SWIR range. The combination of the conventional visible wavelength range with the NIR range in one single camera results in significantly lower costs when setting up inspection systems. Typical application scenarios for the combined use of both wavelength ranges can be found in the solar and electronics industries for the inspection of silicon, in the pharmaceutical sector or in food production, where e.g. fruit or vegetables can be inspected for rot or pressure marks using this technology. SWIR also enables simple detection of otherwise invisible contaminants or the detection of water or water vapor.

Both the exo990 and fxo990 deliver images with 1.3 MP resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels), the exo991 with its 0.3 MP sensor (640 x 512 pixels) is suitable for applications with lower resolution requirements. The pixel size of only 5 µm results in a very compact sensor format with a diagonal of only 8.2 mm (exo990, fxo990) or 4.1 mm (exo991), thus enabling the use of small, inexpensive lenses. The outstanding temperature management ensures maximum homogeneity in the monochrome image. Thanks to the high dynamic range, the new models significantly reduce the effort required for illumination and image processing. The fxo990 is offered with the modern CoaXPress 12 interface and enables 134 fps, the exo990 with GigE Vision interface delivers a frame rate of 90 fps and the exo991 allows remarkable 259 fps. All cameras feature a 4-channel strobe controller integrated into the GenICam tree, which can be used to control multiple narrow-band illuminators simultaneously or sequentially, and thanks to the use of the GenTL standard, they are suitable for easy combination with all established software packages on the market.

65 megapixel, global shutter and 10GigE

In machine vision, a global shutter is highly valued in many applications, but high-resolution cameras usually only work with rolling shutters. The new CMOS camera hr65 from SVS-Vistek combines high resolution with excellent image quality and global shutter.

Industrial cameras with high resolutions starting from approximately 40 megapixels usually work with sensors with rolling shutter. Rolling shutter expose the image sensor lines successively or overlapping, which might lead to problems with image evaluation, especially in applications with moving objects. In contrast, image acquisition on sensors with global shutter starts at the same time over the entire area of the image sensor and is also completed simultaneously. Since this avoids rolling shutter distortions and complications with illumination, cameras with global shutter are preferred in machine vision.

In the new hr65 CMOS camera, SVS-Vistek uses Gpixel's GMAX3265 sensor, combining the advantages of a global shutter with a very high resolution of 65 megapixels (9344 x 7000 pixels) to meet the needs of integrators in the realization of demanding tasks in machine vision. The sophisticated temperature management of the camera ensures optimal cooling and thus outstanding image quality of the 29.9 x 22.4 mm sensor. A wide range of lenses is available on the market for the 3.2 µm pixel size and 4:3 aspect ratio. A typical application area for this camera is flat panel inspection.

In the hr65, SVS-Vistek combines all features that are crucial for the industrial use of a modern industrial camera, such as region-of-interest, lookup tables, binning, image flip, sequencer and an integrated 4-channel strobe controller, which are all adjustable via GenICam or GenTL. All established machine vision software packages can integrate the camera via GenTL support and an SDK is also available. The camera, with an M58 lens mount and 10GigE network interface, can now be ordered in color (hr65CXGE) and monochrome (hr65MXGE). At full resolution, it delivers 11 fps. Optionally, it is also available with PoE to simplify integration.


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