SLC family of cameras

SVS-Vistek has introduced a family of cameras (SLC) ideal for space restricted applications. The cameras reach high frame rates, provide an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and are enclosed in a small housing.

svs340 high-speed camera

SVS-Vistek has released the svs340 (640 x 480 pixel), a high-speed camera with Camera Link (base configuration) or GigE Vision interface

SDK for SVCam GigE cameras

SVS-Vistek has released an updated version of its software development kit offering improvements for its SVCam GigE camera lines. The SDK facilitates the integration of cameras into the customer's software.


SVS-Vistek has launched SVCam-ECO, a camera family which extends the company's own camera line by 8 ultra-compact cameras using Gigabit Ethernet.


SVS-Vistek has introduced SVMonitor, a high-speed digital image recorder that is able to record and store videos with or without a time stamp.


SVS-Vistek has expanded its SVCam camera line with an 11 Megapixel model (svs11002-12) with 12-bit data format and Camera Link interface.


SVS-Vistek has released an ultra high-speed version of the 16 Megapixel camera SVS16000-U. The progressive-scan camera is equipped with an Interline Transfer CCD sensor from Kodak with a diagonal of 43.3mm.

CCD-Camera SVS274

SVS-Vistek has launched the two Megapixel CCD camera SVS274, which is the latest edition to its range of the SVCAM cameras.


SVS-Vistek has introduced its new Gigabit Ethernet 16-Megapixel camera, the svs16000. The camera features an optional second Ethernet output allows users double the bandwidth of data transfer.


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