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Hr51 camera

The new hr51 camera from SVS-Vistek, with its resolution of 51 megapixels and powerful interfaces, is the perfect choice for numerous image processing applications.

In automated image processing, the trend has been towards high resolutions for years. Choosing the right camera is based on many factors as it is only one part of the imaging system. Nevertheless, over the years some criteria have emerged that create optimal conditions for many applications: Large pixels ensure a large dynamic range and affordable lenses. An aspect ratio of 3:2 or 4:3 has proven to be very advantageous for many technical applications. Standardized interfaces such as GenICam, CoaXPress and 10GigE secure investments in the long term.

The new hr51 from SVS-Vistek perfectly fulfills these criteria and offers the most modern camera technology. Its high resolution of 8,424 x 6,032 pixels (51 megapixels) predestines the hr51 for demanding tasks. The 4,6 x 4,6 µm pixels of Gpixel´s GMAX4651 CMOS global shutter sensor built into the hr51 provide a dynamic range of up to 65 dB. This pixel size is also ideally suited for a large selection of M58 lenses that already exist on the market. The basis for the outstanding homogeneity of the images with this sensor is a shading correction that can be selected for entocentric and telecentric lenses. For the GMAX6541 sensor with its special micro lens structure this is optimized and unique on the market.

The hr51 is available with the modern, fast interfaces CoaXPress (25 fps) and 10GigE (10 fps). These two interfaces have established themselves as future-proof standards for the coming years and cover the most diverse requirement profiles.

Industrial features such as dust-free housing cooling, an integrated 4-channel flash controller and operation via the GenICam GenTL interface make integration easy and inexpensive. The camera also allows easy replacement in existing applications using cameras with the KAI-29050 sensor, which is no longer available and extremely popular in the industry, since the sensor dimensions, the pixel size and the dynamic range of the hr51 are comparable with this sensor.


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