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FXO series cameras, plus Canon lens adaptors

Machine Vision continues to penetrate into industrial areas where the highest resolutions, the best image quality and high speeds are required. The new cameras from SVS-Vistek therefore concentrate on these three quality features.

10GigE as a cost-effective high speed interface offers 10 times the bandwidth of the conventional GigE interface and can transmit a bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s on a normal Ethernet cable. The new hr342XGE with Sony Pregius sensor IMX342 can be operated at a resolution of 31 megapixels with a frame rate of 35.4 frames/s and delivers this high frame rate even with long cables on standard 10GigE network technology.

The new FXO series is available with the fast 10GigE interface or as a single line CoaXPress version when extremely low latencies are required. Here, too, the new, state-of-the-art image sensors can be read at the highest data rates. The fxo541 with the latest Sony Pregius Gen 4 sensor can transmit the maximum resolution of 20.3 megapixels at 35.3 frames/s. The 2.74 x 2.74 µm pixels impress with their extremely low noise and excellent dynamics. The small pixel size guarantees easy connection to inexpensive lenses.

Inexpensive applications can also be implemented with the new SVS EF adapter, which already works with the FXO series, the EXO series and the HR series. It enables the connection of standard Canon EF lenses and transparently integrates the control into the GenICam tree of the camera. Equipped with Canon optics, these cameras can take over machine vision applications easily, quickly and very flexibly.

The shr461, one of the top cameras from SVS-Vistek, delivers the best resolution and outstanding image quality. In the top league of machine vision cameras with over 100 megapixels, the shr461 stands out due to its enormous dynamic range of up to 82 dB. This cost-effective combination of 101 megapixels with the sensational dynamic range enables new applications in demanding applications in medicine and technology.

Dynamic lens control

With a lens adapter for the Canon EF and EF-S lens series, SVS-Vistek enables convenient electrical control of focus and aperture on the company's industrial cameras. The specially developed SVS-EF-adapter is therefore an essential element to meet the basic requirements of Industry 4.0: In the future, image processing systems will have to be able to adapt faster and more flexibly to frequently changing tasks and perspectives. This requires a reliable, automatic optimization of various parameters on changing focus levels without manual intervention.

The SVS EF adapter fulfills these requirements in an elegant and cost-efficient manner: depending on the parameters of the objects to be inspected, it independently adjusts the focus and aperture of an SVS-Vistek industrial camera using the associated software. The depth of field can be adjusted automatically via the aperture if necessary. Thanks to the transparent embedding in the GenICam tree of the camera, the lens can be controlled as a GenICam application without additional drivers. This means that rapid integration into existing platforms can be implemented easily and in a time-efficient manner.

The SVS EF adapter is available in three different versions to ensure compatibility with cameras with M58, M42 and C-mount. All cameras from SVS-Vistek offer the necessary prerequisites with regard to the hardware interface, the firmware is being gradually updated for all cameras. The large, relatively inexpensive and extremely high quality range of Canon optics is now available for machine vision applications. Canon has been one of the world's most successful lens manufacturers for decades due to the high quality of its optics. Thanks to the SVS EF adapter, many SVS-Vistek cameras can already be operated with Canon optics. The performance is demonstrated, for example, by the combination of an hr120 camera from SVS-Vistek and Canon lenses, which allows the realization of systems with up to 120 megapixel resolution.

The interaction of electronically focusable Canon optics, the SVS EF adapter and the innovative CMOS industrial cameras from SVS-Vistek enables users to design powerful, flexibly controllable image processing systems with sensor sizes up to full format. Such systems are suitable for a wide range of applications in numerous industries such as quality assurance, e.g. of flat screens, the automotive industry, traffic telematics, optical metrology and many other areas. With their sharp and high-contrast images, they create the ideal conditions for the subsequent image evaluation.


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