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Shr461CX 101 megapixel camera

The new shr461CX is the latest model of SVS-Vistek´s high-resolution SHR camera series. The new Rolling Shutter Sensor IMX461 from Sony offers an extremely high resolution of 101 megapixels (11648 x 8742 pixels) and - as with the sister model shr411 - an outstanding image quality. The shr461 thus fulfills the high requirements that are becoming increasingly common in many industrial areas for automated image processing systems.

In the top league of machine vision cameras with over 100 megapixel resolution, the shr461 stands out with an enormous dynamic range of 82 dB. This high dynamic is made possible by the outstanding sensor and the complex thermal construction of the camera, which guarantees the operation of the image sensor with extremely low noise and thereby creates the conditions for the first-class image quality of the shr461CX. This excellent thermal connection also enables the maximum operating temperature of 70°C, which is significantly higher compared to conventional industrial cameras in this resolution class. Due to this thermal robustness, the shr461CX is also predestined for use in areas that are inaccessible to other cameras.

Fast integration

The new shr461CX camera offers everything users need for an easy and fast integration into applications. The main features of the shr461 include Look-Up Tables, ROI, a Shading Correction and a Defect Pixel Correction. Also on board are a Sequencer and a built-in 4-Channel Flash Controller, which enables direct control of LED Flash lights and thus makes the purchase of an additional external control unit superfluous. As usual with SVS-Vistek, all features of the shr461CX can be operated via a single GenICam Interface.

Four CoaXPress 6 lines ensure fast data connection to the host PC. With a frame rate of 6.1 frames/s, the shr461CX thus enables data transfer rates of almost 630 MB/s, which provide sufficient performance in many applications. The CoaXPress interface guarantees low latency and can also be used with Power over CoaXPress to supply the camera. The 4:3 half-format sensor from Sony with its proven 3.76µm pixel pitch with an M72 mount is suitable for a wide variety of lenses.

The traditional markets for cameras with extremely high resolutions are located in the inspection of displays (FPD) and surfaces. With its outstanding image quality and low price, the shr461CX has promising potential for opening up new markets.


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