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MLEF-A015G2DT digital LED controller

Schott and Moritex have launched a digital LED controller, MLEF-A015G2DT, the newest addition to their MCV light series of illumination products for image processing applications. This controller employs constant voltage control system.

The product is suitable for various inspection applications such as the appearance check of electronic parts and IC chips, as well as the inspection of medical and pharmaceutical products such as tablets and ampoules. The LED controller can also be used in checking bottling and canning as well as for the inspection of automotive parts.

MLEF-A015G2DT can also control two different types of LED illumination respectively. The unit can run either on strobe or PWM (pulse-width modulation) mode and is equipped with mode switching function. All modes are available in one unit and the lighting status of both types of illumination is displayed on the front LCD.

Moreover, MLEF-A015G2DT offers voltage-controlled strobe light intensity adjustment among DIN rail compatible LED controllers. The LED controller is equipped with interchangeable parallel and ether ports, allowing users to choose their preferred control method according to the operation environment.


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