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High brightness LED light line

Moritex and Schott has released its redesigned high brightness LED light line. It offers 2 million lux of light intensity, with high uniformity and strobe capability. In addition, a modular cooling concept and slim design allows for more flexible system integration.

The line light is available in three different versions: passive air-cooling, active air-cooling or water-cooling. The latter version achieves the peak value of more than 2 million lux of lighting intensity. This enhances the performance potential of the line scan cameras that are capable of operating at ever faster speeds.

The LED light line offers high flash capabilities at frequencies up to 100 kilohertz. Therefore, it can also be used in machine vision processes that require integration of various types of alternative illumination during a single inspection phase.

Product versions are available that are optimised to illuminate diffuse, non-reflective (standard version) as well as reflective surfaces (reflective surface version). This means a broad field of applications can be covered with respect to objects for inspection including wood, paper, goods on conveyor belts, glass, semiconductor wafers, solar panels and LCD displays. The slim design and light weight of the line light makes system integration and installation extremely easy.


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