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ML-L12K5A lenses

Moritex and Schott have launched the ML-L12K5A series of lenses. The range was developed to suit the latest generation of CCD sensors in line scan cameras. The lenses provide extremely low distortion for a resolution of 12,000 pixels 5µm in size. They are also suitable for high-resolution matrix sensors and with a screen diagonal of up to 61.4mm they offer an exact, high contrast picture display from the centre of the image to the edges.

In high-tech industries, the structures of the goods manufactured are becoming finer and finer. CCD sensors for line scan cameras used in inspection now offer 12,000 pixel resolution at 5µm.

The ML-L12K5A series of lenses feature a picture diagonal of 61.4mm and was developed especially for these high-resolution sensors. The five lens models provide high resolution of between 2.1 and 4.2µm. The optical distortion in the edge regions is between +0.090 and -0.048 per cent and the lenses offer optical magnification of 1.2x to 3x with a focal length of between 98.5 and 112mm.

The working distance is between 73 and 128.9mm. To achieve homogenous illumination of the object, Moritex and Schott also offer high-performance LED and halogen light sources, including fibre optic light guides upon request.


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