Teledyne Dalsa

X64 Xcelera

Dalsa has announced its new line of frame grabbers - the X64 Xcelera Series. Building on the Dalsa's X64 frame grabbers, the new Xcelera Series uses the PCI Express platform.


The XR-4 scientific and medical X-Ray camera from Dalsa is intended for use in the biomedical, specimen, mammography and computed tomography (CT scanning) fields.

Deploying GigE Vision in Real-Time Industrial Imaging

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The acceptance and use of Gigabit Ethernet technology for industrial digital imaging applications continues to grow. The increased variety and capability of cameras to leverage this powerful interface, combined with planned updates to the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) GigE Vision interface standards makes GigE Vision based imaging more robust and more ideal than ever for real-time machine vision applications.


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