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Piranha ES cameras

Dalsa has released a line of Piranha ES cameras for machine vision applications. With various models in the ES line, the cameras deliver cost-effective solutions with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) technology. TDI is a method of line scanning which provides increased responsivity compared to single line scanning methods.

The Piranha ES line provides a combination of speed, resolution and sensitivity to low-light applications. The product line features cameras with up to 8k resolution with a 7 x 7µm pixel size and provides a maximum line rate of 68kHz and throughput of 640 Megapixels/second.

All Piranha ES cameras are capable of bi-directionality with selectable 32 or 16 stages. The cameras are available in two speed grades, ensuring the best camera throughput can be selected according to the application. Camera configuration is flexible and the throughput and line rate are software controllable. It is ideally suited for applications such as flat-panel display, electronics manufacturing, document scanning, web inspection and general machine vision.

The cameras are up to 30 times more responsive than single line scan cameras and are compatible with Dalsa's X64-CL series and Xcelera-CL series of frame grabbers.

The Piranha ES-8k is available immediately in two models: a 7µm 68kHz version and a 7µm 34kHz version. The Piranha ES-4k is available in a 7µm, 68kHz model.


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