Teledyne Dalsa

Spyder3 Color camera

Dalsa, a global leader in machine vision technology, has introduced the Spyder3 Color camera providing high colour fidelity, ease-of-use, and affordable solutions for the colour imaging market.

Sapera Processing software

Dalsa has introduced its latest Sapera Processing software, including a new colour tool – a suite of colour image processing classes for machine vision applications.

Looking to a colourful future

Colour inspection on the factory floor is finally coming of age, 147 years after the first colour image was taken. David Robson investigates why it took so long, and how machine vision suppliers are making up for lost time


Dalsa has expanded its Spyder3 camera family to 4K resolution. The higher resolution offers a larger field of view and reduces system costs, as fewer cameras are needed for a vision system.

iNspect Color

Dalsa has announced the iNspect Color, an updated version of the iNspect software package for Dalsa's line of Vision Appliances. Dalsa's Vision Appliances are easy-to-use, embedded machine vision solutions.

Genie 1410

Dalsa has announced two new models of its Genie GigE Vision-compliant camera family. The Genie C1410 and M1410 cameras feature a high quality, high sensitivity sensor.

Spyder 3

Dalsa has launched a GigE Vision-compliant version of its Spyder 3 line scan camera. The Spyder 3 product family uses Dalsa's dual line scan sensor technology.


Dalsa has released four new colour models of the Genie camera. The area scan cameras feature a Sony CCD colour sensor with resolutions ranging from VGA to 1400.

Spyder 3 CL

Dalsa's Spyder 3 CL line scan camera with Camera Link interface has three times the response rate and twice the speed of its predecessor, the Spyder 2, while still maintaining low noise levels.

Falcon 4M60

Dalsa's Falcon 4M60 area scan camera now includes new features to extend its performance to the electronics inspection, machine vision and imaging markets.


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