Teledyne Dalsa

Piranha ES cameras

Dalsa has released a line of Piranha ES cameras for machine vision applications. The cameras deliver cost-effective solutions with Time Delay and Integration (TDI) technology.

Genie HM1400-XDR camera

Dalsa has released the Genie HM1400-XDR camera, a model with extended dynamic range (XDR). The camera features a high quality, high sensitivity Dalsa image sensor.

Piranha HS 4k 110kHz

Dalsa has launched the Piranha HS 4k 110kHz camera. This high-speed model features 4k resolution with a 14 x 14µm pixel size and provides 110kHz line rate.

Vision in gear

Greg Blackman investigates some of the areas where machine vision is used in automotive manufacture

Falcon 4M60 and 4M30

Dalsa has added the Falcon 4M60 and 4M30 colour CMOS cameras to its family of Falcon global shutter cameras. The cameras are capable of running at 60fps with 4 Megapixel resolution.

Sapera Essential

Dalsa, a provider of machine vision technology, has advanced the colour capability of its Sapera Essential software for machine vision applications.

CMOS gains ground

Warren Clark charts the march of the CMOS sensor as it continues to steal ground from its CCD rival

Genie C1600 and M1600 cameras

The Genie C1600 and Genie M1600 cameras feature a high quality, 2 Megapixel, high resolution sensor ideal for industrial imaging applications in the semiconductor, robotics and traffic control industries.


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