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Falcon 4M60 and 4M30

Dalsa has added the Falcon 4M60 and 4M30 colour CMOS cameras to its family of Falcon global shutter cameras. Capable of running at 60fps with 4 Megapixel resolution, the Falcon 4M60 colour is suitable for colour applications in electronics inspection, semiconductor inspection, and imaging markets.

The cameras use Dalsa's CMOS sensor technology with global shuttering to eliminate imaging issues, such as smearing or time displacement artefacts, often associated with full frame, frame transfer, or rolling shutter cameras. In addition, features such as individual colour gain and offset allow for white balancing of the image and make this camera easy to use. Fully programmable with a base or medium Camera Link interface, the cameras incorporate vertical windowing, flat-field correction, exposure control, gain and offset adjustment and excellent anti-blooming.


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