SVS-Vistek's monochrome 5-Megapixel camera svs625 is now available with a GigE Vision interface, meaning frame grabber boards are no longer necessary to transfer image data.


SVS-Vistek has introduced the svs414, a new model in its SVCam series. It is a progressive-scan camera with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixel and Camera Link interface.


The svs16000 from SVS-Vistek is the first 16-Megapixel camera in its product line. This progressive-scan camera with a resolution of 4904 x 3380 pixels uses an Interline-Transfer-CCD from Kodak.


SVS-Vistek has introduced its camera family SVCam-GigE, designed according to the new international GigE Vision standard. The cameras are available from VGA, XVGA, one, two, four up to 11 Megapixel resolution.

2-Megapixel camera

SVS-Vistek has released a progressive scan 2-Megapixel camera featuring a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels with 7.4um pitch, with frame rates are up to 40fps.


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