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SDK for SVCam GigE cameras

SVS-Vistek has released an updated version of its software development kit offering improvements for its SVCam GigE camera lines. The SDK facilitates the integration of cameras into the customer's software.

The SDK includes auto-tap-balancing, which automatically adjusts differences in intensity between the taps when using dual output sensors. This works reliable for every single frame and with changing image content and intensity.

Image data can be provided to a variety of PCs for parallel processing via the multicast and broadcast feature. Development platforms Borland Builder 6.0, MS Visual C++6.0 and 8.0, and Borland Delphi 7 are supported. A functional example program in source code is supplied for all platforms.

Improvements in the GigE filter driver allow efficient working with boards and on-board-interfaces with non-Intel chip sets and/or without jumbo frame support. The viewer software provides a simple installation procedure of cameras.


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