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CCD-Camera SVS274

SVS-Vistek has launched the two Megapixel CCD camera SVS274, which is the latest edition to its range of the SVCAM cameras.


Using the full resolution of 1,620 x 1,220 pixels, the camera provides 24fps and higher frame rates can be achieved in the partial scan mode.


The 1/1.8-inch sensor from manufacturer Sony also offers the possibility to readout only a half or a quarter of the whole number of lines (decimation), while the field of view remains unchanged, which also results in a higher frame rate.


The camera is either available with a CameraLink or a GigabitEthernet interface as well as in a monochrome or a colour version.


For the system integration and configuration of the camera the delivery is completed by the approved software tools of SVS-Vistek (e.g. ConvenientCam or SDK with a user-friendly interface). These programmes are used to adjust various parameters and operational modes of the camera, such as gain, offset, exposure time, binning 2x2, free running or triggered.


A large range of objectives can be connected via the C-Mount adaptor. The camera is well equipped for tight, crowded conditions because of its compact case of only 50 x 55 x 43mm in the Camera Link version and 51 x 51 x 65mm in the GigE version.


This model can be used for example for the print layout control, the PCB inspection, the sorting of food or for high-end metrology.


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