Fastcam SA-Z

Photron has introduced an ultra-high-speed imaging system, the Fastcam SA-Z, which features frame rates of up to 21,000 fps at megapixel resolution

Fastcam SA-X2

Photron, a manufacturer of high-speed cameras and image analysis software, has launched the Fastcam SA-X2 high speed camera system

Fastcam Viewer plug-in

Photron has launched a Photron Fastcam Viewer plug-in that synchronises its high-speed cameras with the NI USB-6251 BNC data acquisition module from National Instruments

Fastcam SA-X

Photron has released the Fastcam SA-X high-speed camera. The camera delivers up to 12,500fps at full 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution and features up to 64GB on-board memory

Fastcam SA7

Photron has launched the Fastcam SA7 high speed camera system utilising a 1,280 x 1,024 pixel advanced CMOS image sensor

Fastcam IS-1M

Photron, a manufacturer of high speed imaging systems and image analysis software, has introduced the ultra-high-speed, high-resolution camera system, the Fastcam IS-1M

Fastcam SA6 camera

Photron, a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, has introduced the Fastcam SA6 camera

Photron Fastcam Viewer update

Photron, a high-speed camera manufacturer, has added a device controller software development kit (SDK) for both Matlab and National Instruments' LabView to the Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software package


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