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Fastcam Mini UX100 high speed camera

Photron has introduced the Fastcam Mini UX100 high speed camera. The one-piece imager provides 1,280 x 1,024 pixel resolution to 4,000 frames per second (fps), 720 high-definition (HD) resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) to 6,400fps, and reduced resolution operation up to 800,000fps.

The global electronic shutter operates down to one microsecond for blur-free, black-and-white imagery with 12-bit pixel depth (36-bits for the colour version). Light sensitivity is ISO 12232 Ssat certified at 8,000 ISO 12-bit monochrome; 4,000 ISO for the 36-bit color version.

Photron’s camera offers high speed imaging in a compact 120mm x 120mm x 90mm package, weighing 1.5kg. Available with three onboard memory options of up to 16GB, the camera is suitable for applications such as sports, broadcasting, life sciences, biomechanics, off-board automotive imaging, fluidics, and ballistics testing.

The Fastcam Mini UX1000 CMOS sensor features 10-micron square pixels. The camera includes a Gigabit Ethernet interface, up to 64 available memory partitions, F-mount (G-type lens compatible) and C-mount lens mounts, and a trigger mode that offers start, centre, end, manual, and random control. 



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