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Fastcam SA-X2

Photron, a manufacturer of high-speed cameras and image analysis software, has launched the Fastcam SA-X2 high speed camera system.  

The new 20µm2 pixel CMOS sensor captures more light than any other high speed camera available when tested to the official version of the ISO 12232 Ssat method, Photron says.

The innovative camera technology is designed to balance the extremely high frame rate, image resolution, dynamic range, and light sensitivity. This combination delivers superb, high quality imaging for demanding and sophisticated high speed imaging applications.

The Fastcam SA-X2 provides up to 13,500 fps at megapixel resolution. The highest frame rate performance, up to 1 million fps at reduced resolution, is available in the SA-X2 Model 1000K. Photron’s 293ns shutter time on the new SA-X2 enables imaging high-velocity events with effectively no motion blur, compared to competitive models.


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