IDP Express R2000 system

Photron, a manufacturer of high-speed cameras and image analysis software, has introduced the IDP Express R2000 system, for high-speed, real-time image processing

High-speed camera two-year warranty

Photron, a global high-speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, has introduced a two-year warranty, available at no additional charge on all newly purchased high speed camera products

Photron Fastcam Viewer software

Photron has released an updated version of its Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software for advanced functionality in high-speed camera control and slow motion video replay

Fastcam SA4

Photron, a manufacturer of high speed cameras and motion analysis software systems, has introduced the high performance, high speed Fastcam SA4 with CMOS sensor.

Fastcam SA5

Photron has introduced the Fastcam SA5. The camera is based on Photron's Emmy-award-winning high speed video camera technology and provides 7,500fps at Megapixel resolution (1,024 x 1,000)

Fastcam MC2

Photron, a global high-speed imaging systems and image analysis software supplier, has introduced the Fastcam MC2, a high-speed video imaging system incorporating two small and lightweight camera heads.

Imaging on impact

Greg Blackman assesses the equipment characteristics required to provide vision solutions in harsh environments

Fastcam SA3

Photron has launched the Fastcam SA3, a megapixel, high-speed video imaging system that is designed to withstand high-G (operation tested to 100G, 10ms, 6 axis) and rugged environments.

Fastcam SA2

Photron, a high-speed video imaging system manufacturer, has introduced the new 4 Megapixel Fastcam SA2 high-speed camera, delivering up to 1,000fps at full pixel resolution (2K x 2K).


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