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Fastcam SA-X

Photron has released the Fastcam SA-X high-speed camera. The camera delivers up to 12,500fps at full 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution and features up to 64GB on-board memory. It offers extremely high frame rate, superior image resolution, 12-bit dynamic range, and excellent light sensitivity of 25,000 ISO monochrome.

The high speed camera system is ideal for use in materials science, fluid dynamics (PIV), defence and aerospace research, ballistics imaging, combustion research, and shock waves and detonation applications, or other activities that require visualisation of complex high speed phenomena.

The Fastcam SA-X is equipped with a 20µm pixel size with 12-bit ADC (Bayer system colour, single sensor). Other features include a convenient dual high speed Gigabit Ethernet interface, a fast-acting hardware trigger that allows automated camera triggering, and flexible frame synchronisation to external devices, including non-stable frequencies.

Camera control can be accessed with the optional keypad or via Photron's Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software. The integrated capping shutter is included to facilitate automated image calibration for easy operation. Photron’s Fastcam SA-X, like all of Photron’s high speed imaging systems, is supplied with the intuitive PFV software. A software development kit is also included allowing for integration with user-specific software as well as wrappers for Matlab and LabView.


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