Matrix Vision


Matrix Vision has released the mvBlueFox-IGC (IGC stands for Industrial Grade Compact), the single-board camera family mvBlueFox-MLC with a housing

mvImpact 2D-CodeReader

Matrix Vision has renamed its mvImpact Data Matrix module mvImpact 2D-CodeReader, as the module has been extended to incorporate a QR-Code reader

Heavy metal

Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the heaviest applications of automated imaging, on trains, on trucks, and in safely storing vast quantities of highly flammable materials


Matrix Vision has expanded the range of sensors for the mvBlueFox-MLC with two CMOS sensors, taking account of customer preferences for sensors with higher resolutions


Matrix Vision has launched the intelligent camera solution mvBlueLynx-X, which uses Texas Instruments' OMAP 3 series


Matrix Vision's Gigabit Ethernet camera series, mvBlueCougar-X, has a wide range of highly sensitive CCD or CMOS colour and greyscale sensors


Matrix Vision has released the mvBlueFOX-MLC USB single-board camera. The camera is small (35 x 33mm) and offers a full range of functionality


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