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MvBlueCougar-X with IP67 housing

Matrix Vision has extended its range of the MvBlueCougar-X GigE Vision camera with an IP67 model, which is protected against dust and water by a special housing and an adapted hardware design. The standard stainless steel housing supports C-mount lenses up to 40mm in length, and other lengths and mounts can be implemented on request.

On the basis of two screw-fastened, industrial standard M12 connectors, the model is suited to industrial applications. One connector holds the power supply and the digital inputs and outputs (four opto-coupled inputs and four robust high-side solid-state relays), the other one the Ethernet connection. The camera is powered by PoE; it uses less than 6W depending on the sensor used.

It is available with a range of CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions up to 10 megapixels. Other features include flat field correction, colour correction, and white balance which can be performed on the camera directly. The 64MB image memory ensures loss-free image transfer and additionally serves as a buffer in recoding mode. The camera is compliant with the GenICam and GigE Vision standards, drivers are available for Windows and Linux, and the camera supports all image processing libraries compliant with GigE Vision.


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