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mvHyperion-CLf frame grabber

Matrix Vision has released the mvHyperion-CLf, a Camera Link frame grabber for Full CL cameras.

The PCI Express x4 interface offers the necessary bandwidth for image transfer and makes it possible to operate one Camera Link camera with Full, Medium or Base configuration. The frame grabber provides a continuous data rate of 620MB/s.

The mvHyperion-CLf is suited to a multitude of image acquisition and image processing applications in the fields of science and industry. The frame grabber features two MiniCL connectors for camera control, and connectors with opto-isolated I/Os (for trigger and flash control) and camera power supply. Alternatively, it is possible to power the cameras via Power over Camera Link (PoCL).

The frame grabber offers flexible triggering and an FPGA-based Hardware Real-Time Controller (HRTC). The controller can be used to generate pulses or to synchronise two cameras in sync mode (only with the mvHyperion-CLm). The pulses can be used to control exposure, flash or to simulate triggers. Additionally, a non-standard medium mode (RGB24x2) is available for cameras providing two RGB 24-bit pixels per clock.

The mvHyperion-CLm, another model of the x4 frame grabber, which has the same features as the mvHyperion-CLf, but it is possible to connect either two Camera Link cameras with Base configuration or one Camera Link camera with Medium configuration. A third model is the mvHyperion-CLb for single-lane PCIe. It supports one Camera Link camera with Base configuration and a continuous data rate of 200MB/s.

Drivers for Linux 32/64-bit as well as Windows 7 32/64-bit are available (mvImpact Acquire). Additionally the mvImpact Base library is included.


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