High-speed vision: on-demand

A rapid tour through some of the fastest imaging equipment and technology out there, with speakers from Optronis, Euresys, Scorpion Vision, and Gpixel

Gsprint4521 sensor

Gpixel announces a high-speed global shutter image sensor, Gsprint4521, the first in a new family of products targeting high speed applications

GMAX3265 65MP sensor

Gpixel has released GMAX3265, a 65-megapixel resolution image sensor with low noise 3.2µm charge domain global shutter pixel architecture

Prime 95B

Photometrics and Gpixel have introduced the Photometrics Prime 95B Scientific CMOS camera. The Prime 95B camera is built on the first scientific-grade CMOS sensor available

Gpixel 150 megapixel CMOS image sensor

TowerJazz, a specialty foundry leader, and Gpixel, a custom IC design house in China, has released the Gpixel 150 megapixel full-frame CMOS image sensor using TowerJazz's TS18IS technology

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