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Gpixel launches CMOS sensor for food inspection and tomography

CMOS image sensor provider Gpixel has released the GL1402, the latest addition to its line scan GL product family. 

The GL1402 features a 2k horizontal resolution image sensor with a 14μm pixel size, as well as a single-line readout rate of up to 81kHz, and is suitable for food inspection and optical coherence tomography applications. 

The GL1402's R, G, B colour line rate of up to 27kHz (three separated lines of 2k horizontal resolution for each colour) is facilitated through 4 lanes sub-LVDS with 12-bit output.

These features make the sensor suitable for applications that require precise colour differentiation, Gpixel says.

For fast sorting applications, the 14μm pixel size enables a dynamic range of up to 70dB with a full well capacity of 28.7ke-, while its peak quantum efficiency of 70% at 550nm ensures high sensitivity for a wide range of scenarios.


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