VisionView 1.1

Cognex's VisionView operator display panel for In-Sight vision systems has been enhanced with an array of new features.

Checker 252

Cognex, a leading supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, has expanded its Checker vision sensor product line with the Checker 252 model.

China - opportunity or threat?

In the vision industry - as in many others at the moment - there is much talk about China, both as a market for Western products, and also as a competitor in the manufacture of those products, as Warren Clark discovers

Checker 232

Cognex has introduced the Checker 232 model to its Checker vision sensor product line. The camera is designed to inspect small features over a wide area.

In-Sight Micro

Cognex has launched the In-Sight Micro vision system, a complete vision system the size of a remote-head camera. The system is suitable for mounting in tight spaces.


The OmniView system from Cognex uses four cameras to obtain a seamless view of all the features on cylindrical surfaces.


Cognex has released the MVS-8600e family of frame grabbers that connect Camera Link cameras through the PCI Express (PCIe) interface.


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