VisionView VGA

Cognex has introduced a new option to deliver its VisionView operator interface to any VGA display

Advantage Image Engines

Cognex has introduced Advantage Image Engines, a family of programmable vision devices for OEMs. The systems offer superior 1D barcode and 2D data matrix code reading

More than a machine

Greg Blackman looks at the use of vision in robotic systems in both academia and industry


Cognex has released 3D-Locate, a library of 3D vision software tools that expands application possibilities in vision-guided robotics, assembly, and inspection

Drug tracking

Greg Blackman tracks the packaging lines for chemicals and pharmaceuticals and finds out where and how machine vision plays a role

VisionPro 6.0

Cognex has released VisionPro 6.0, a new version of the company's hardware-independent vision software

Checker 3G7 and 272 models

Cognex has added two high resolution models to its line of Checker vision sensors: the Checker 3G7 and Checker 272. The inspection sensors can both detect and inspect parts.

VisionPro Solar Toolbox

Cognex has expanded its range of inspection solutions for solar cell manufacturing processes. The VisionPro Solar Toolbox includes pre-configured software tools for common vision alignment and inspection applications in photovoltaic solar production.


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