Checker 4G series

Cognex has added the Checker 4G series to its line of vision sensors, offering powerful and easy-to-use setup

Cognex Connect

Cognex has released Cognex Connect for DataMan ID readers, a comprehensive suite of communication capabilities including EtherNet/IP and Profinet

DataMan 500

Cognex has launched the DataMan 500 image-based barcode reader. The device is designed to achieve high read rates, offer on-line visualisation and have high reliability

OmniView 5.0

Cognex has introduced its next-generation OmniView 360° inspection system, now with colour and 5 megapixel high resolution cameras

1DMax code reading algorithm

Cognex has introduced 1DMax, a 1D code reading algorithm. 1DMax is optimised for omnidirectional 1D barcode reading and can handle extreme variations in code quality to achieve high read rates

VisionPro Surface

Cognex has launched VisionPro Surface, a vision software package for inspecting the surface of materials

DataMan 100

Cognex has added enhancements to its DataMan 100 2D data matrix code quality verifier

Driving developments

Modern automotive production is highly automated, with robots and machines carrying out complicated tasks at every step of the process. Stephen Mounsey discovers how machine vision makes this automation possible, and how it can trace parts through the entire process


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