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VisionPro Surface

Cognex has launched VisionPro Surface, a vision software package for inspecting the surface of materials. VisionPro Surface combines a new visual defect detection and classification technology with a simple user interface to enable accurate defect detection, classification, and surface texture assessment during the manufacturing process.

VisionPro Surface works by monitoring the visual appearance of the material. Using statistical analysis, the software automatically identifies potential defects in the material's surface, and classifies the defects into groups based on similarity in contrast, texture and/or geometry. During the training phase the user simply adjusts the system's sensitivity for defect detection, and assigns names or values for defects to distinguish between different types. During production the system automatically classifies each defect according to the categories defined by the user.

VisionPro Surface features include: easy-to-use, self learning inspection software; point-and-click application configuration; visual self-learning defect classification tools; and automatic web-based reporting tools that enable users to map, list, and view defects with just the push of a button.

Hardware components such as camera, I/O, lights and cabling can be purchased separately from Cognex, or from third party vendors.


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