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VisionView VGA

Cognex has introduced a new option to deliver its VisionView operator interface to any VGA display. VisionView VGA is a low-cost DIN rail-mount adapter that provides direct VGA output for the VisionView application software, allowing operators to connect to any size VGA monitor without the need for a PC. In addition to supporting VisionView VGA, a new software release, VisionView 1.3, supports the TrainFont interactive control for run-time font training of OCR/OCV applications and allows VisionView to work with Cognex DataMan 200 industrial ID readers in addition to In-Sight vision systems.

VisionView users now have a choice of three different hardware platforms: The VisionView VGA hardware option enables operators to view applications using any size monitor, no PC required. Users simply connect the VisionView VGA to an Ethernet network using an RJ45 LAN cable, and to the monitor using a VGA cable. VisionView VGA supports VGA resolution of 640 x 480, SVGA resolution of 800 x 600, XGA resolution of 1,024 x 768, as well as Mitsubishi GT15 and GT16 touch screens. Users can view images from single or multiple vision systems on the connected VGA monitor.

Other available platforms include VisionView PC software, which enables operators to use their own PC and monitor to control vision applications, and the Cognex VisionView 700 Operator Interface Panel, a display panel that enables touch screen controls without a PC.

VisionView 1.3 software now makes it possible to train fonts using the VisionView interface. Touch screen friendly controls give users the ability to add new characters easily or make changes to an existing font structure without having to connect to a PC.


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