3DPixa dual 200 µm HR

Chromasens has extended its popular 3DPIXA family of high-performance 3D line scan cameras with a new model that provides a wider field-of-view for complete scans of large, complex and irregularly-shaped objects or textures.

Automated print inspection system

Chromasens now offers a print inspection system that achieves unprecedented accuracy by incorporating spectral image capture with twelve individual colour channels per pixel, instead of just the traditional three (RGB)

allPIXA wave 15K

Chromasens has again raised the performance bar with its new allPIXA wave 15K, the world's first trilinear true colour RGB line scan camera with more than 15,000 pixels


Line-scan camera manufacturer Chromasens will display the latest generation of its 3DPixa 3D stereo line scan colour cameras


Chromasens has introduced the latest generation of its 3DPixa stereo line-scan colour cameras, the 3DPixa HR

Corona II

Chromasens, a manufacturer of line-scan camera systems for 2D and 3D machine vision applications, has expanded its range of LED illumination products with a new tube light model

The pick of the pixels

Greg Blackman looks at flat panel display inspection, where the higher resolution of displays and high-speed production make the inspection task particularly demanding


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