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ChromaPixa 2K line scan cameras

Chromasens chromaPIXA 2K linescan cameras enable stable color measurement, greatly simplifying further image processing in high-speed applications such as continuous inspection of paper, packaging, plastic, and metal manufacturing, OCR recognition, inspection of PCBs and food, and the motion inspection of train or road traffic. It precisely captures the spectrum of colors to match their appearance in nature, with superior consistently in all lighting conditions. To achieve the most accurate color, it employs a highly sensitive tri-linear CCD sensor (R-G-B) with minimal spacing and precise sensor line synchronization.

Based on the CameraLink interface, the camera outputs in the CIE-L * a * b * format allowing for the determination of color differences in relation to the perception of the human eye. It is calibrated using the intuitive Chromasens chromaCalc software and is compatible with all standard color cards.

By transmitting images in the LAB space, the chromaPIXA 2K provides highly reproducible results in color analysis systems at a maximum line rate of 2048 x 3 pixels up to 92.7kHz. The continuously operating white balance guarantees a stable white point that adapts very well to the light source used in the application and takes into account minor color changes resulting from the degradation of the light source, temperature changes and external lighting conditions.

The color calibration system internally converts the spectral response of the CCD sensor to match sRGB, eciRGB, AdobeRGB, CIE-L * a * b * or CIE-XYZ standards in real-time. The camera can be used with both C-mount and F-mount lenses.

Like all Chromasens cameras, the chromaPIXA 2K is built rugged to withstand industrial environments. Its metal housing permits a wide operating range of 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C) yet boasts low-profile, easy-to-install dimensions of 102mm x 100mm x 77mm. For added versatility either F-mount or C-mount lenses can be used.


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