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AllPixa Evo line-scan camera family

To help enterprises transform and accelerate machine vision inspection, Chromasens announced today the expansion of its allPIXA evo line-scan camera family with three new models that are fully compatible with the latest version of the ultra-fast CoaXPress (CXP 2.0) interface. By merging CXP 2.0 with trilinear CMOS sensors yielding resolutions up to 3 x 15360 pixels, new allPIXA evo 8K, 10K and 15K cameras acquire true RGB color, mono or TDI images at a maximum line frequency speed of 100 kHz to significantly increase manufacturing yields.

Thanks to the camera's four CXP 2.0 channels, users can select from one, two or four channels to target the exact data transfer needs of their applications. Each channel has a maximum transfer output of 12.5 Gbps (CXP-12) or a total of 50 Gbps of bandwidth if all four channels of the camera are connected to a GenICam compliant frame grabber. Other advantages afforded by CXP 2.0 include a single coax cable that carries video, camera control, and triggering functions with 13W of DC power at 24 VDC, resulting in reduced system costs and complexity.

Chromasens allPIXA evo CXP cameras are loaded with advanced features supporting the most challenging line-scan applications, including frame and line trigger options such as an intelligent and flexibly adjustable encoder input. They also offer multi-flash functionality capable of triggering up to four different flash controller channels synchronized to line acquisition. By doing so, multi-flash acquires several images with different illumination geometries and/or colors simultaneously in only one scan by line-multiplexing. All three incorporate keystone correction and color conversion matrices for exceptional quality in color inspection where dynamic range is critical to success.

By introducing the new cameras, Chromasens is continuing its longstanding work with the printing industry in modernizing applications to ensure more accurate, cost-effective inspection of documents, packaging and printed materials. In addition to print inspection, the new cameras provide optimal imaging solutions for semiconductor, food, PCB and flat panel inspections, as well as sorting and scanning applications.

Because fast integration is essential to reduced production downtime, allPIXA evo cameras come with the Chromasens SDK and an intuitive graphical tool GCT for Microsoft® Windows® and Linux platforms.


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