Climate control system

AutoVimation has released a multi-stage climate control concept enabling camera systems to be used in adverse environments

Nautilus enclosures

Designed especially for HDTV cameras during underwater shooting, autoVimation has released Nautilus enclosures providing IP68 protection

Fire Salamander

AutoVimation's compact Fire Salamander series of protective enclosures has been specially developed to protect camera systems in applications with strict hygiene requirements

Octopus camera stands

AutoVimation has introduced the Octopus camera stands, designed for mobile use, such as for testing machine vision equipment in the laboratory or for customer visits

Fire Salamander enclosures

AutoVimation has extended its Salamander line of protective enclosures, adding the Fire Salamander model which provides IP66/67 protection for compact cameras in hygienically demanding environments, such as pharmaceutical and food industry applications

Orca enclosures

AutoVimation has released the Orca line of enclosures designed to protect large cameras with a maximum cross section of 60 x 60mm, even in rugged industrial environments.


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