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Turtle stainless steel enclosures

AutoVimation has introduced the Turtle series of stainless steel enclosures with a Peltier temperature controller for cameras. Available in two sizes, the Peltier enclosures enable users to operate cameras even at extreme temperatures in outdoor applications. This was accomplished by reducing the size of thermoelectric heating/cooling units, which are already well-established as temperature controllers for switching cabinets.

The enclosures have been adapted for outdoor use, and can even use solar cells as a voltage source in autonomous installations. The Peltier temperature controller automatically switches between cooling and heating operation, which is especially beneficial in desert areas with high temperature differences between day and night. An integrated control unit allows users to program thresholds for heating and cooling operation easily. The camera temperature is monitored constantly. If it exceeds the permitted range, such as in case of a malfunction, the control unit will shut down the camera, protecting it from damage.

The Turtle S model has an inside length of 165mm and is suitable for cameras with lenses measuring up to 120mm. Equipped with a dome glass front lid for use with fisheye lenses, it provides a cooling power of 45W and a heating power of 70W. With an inside length of 335mm, the Turtle L model is suitable for larger camera and lens combinations up to 250mm in length with a maximum cross section of 62 x 62mm. Providing a switchable cooling power of 30 or 60W and a heating power of 90W, it is available with a scratch-proof Germanium window, for example for use with thermal imaging cameras. Typical applications for both models are tasks in the solar industry, surveillance technology, and astronomy.


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