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Orca and Salamander enclosures

AutoVimation has upgraded its Orca series and Salamander series of IP67 enclosures with a new, attractive design featuring green front and rear lids.

The Orca enclosures are suitable for all cameras with a cross section of up to 62 x 62mm. Special solutions are available for Ranger cameras from Sick, Sony block cameras, and Runner and Aviator models from Basler.

A 3-inch front window with a 65mm aperture, which allows for the use of wide angle lenses and large telecentric lenses, is an optional new feature. Additionally, a universal ring light mounting bracket enables users to integrate even large ring lights with a maximum diameter of 78mm. Mounted right behind the front window, the ring light produces no reflections on the lens.

An air curtain that can be mounted to the front lid of Orca enclosures with a 2-inch front window ensures a clear view even in dusty environments. All Orca enclosures are based on a patented quick lock and heat guide system, which thermally couples the camera to the outer enclosure wall.

The Salamander series is designed for cameras with a cross section between 29 x 46 and 38 x 38mm. The rear wall, which is now available in three versions, has been completely redesigned: one option features one M20 and one M25 cable gland with large seal inserts enabling users to feed through LAN and power or I/O cables. Another model with an M32 cable gland featuring a closed seal insert is suitable for more than two cable entries or large connectors with a maximum diameter of 26mm. Depending on the desired number of cables and their diameter, multiple holes can be drilled in the seal insert.

In the third model, all cables are fed through a corrugated tube that is attached to the rear wall via an IP69K push-in connector. A deeper front lid means that the lens protrudes twice as much as before, allowing for easier access to the aperture ring. A patented quick lock and heat guide system thermally couples all cameras with a maximum height of 38mm to the outer enclosure wall, thereby ensuring passive cooling and vibration-proof installation.


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