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Orca IP67 enclosures

AutoVimation has extended its Orca IP67 enclosures with a new model for fisheye or panamorph lenses. The model, which is equipped with a dome window, is suitable for lenses with an image angle of up to 200° (e.g. Fujinon F1.4).

Available in three standard sizes with a maximum length of 250mm, the IP67 enclosures are suitable for all large cameras with a cross section of up to 62 x 62mm. Orca enclosures for thermal imaging cameras (e.g. Flir A300) featuring a 2-inch or 3-inch infrared transparent germanium window are another recent development. Mounting brackets for large Basler camera models (Aviator and Runner) as well as Ranger cameras from Sick, Sony FCB block cameras and various surveillance cameras such as the Samsung SCZ-3430P or the Lumenera Le165 are also available.

Like in all Orca enclosures, a patented quick lock and heat guide system thermally couples the camera to the outer enclosure wall. Due to the passive cooling effect of the enclosure wall, the camera temperature is reduced by up to 12°C. Moreover, the system ensures a flexible and vibration-proof installation. The standard front window can have a 2-inch or 3-inch diameter in all Orca models. Additionally, an air curtain can be mounted to the front lid of Orca enclosures with a 2-inch front window for a clear view even in dusty environments. The 3-inch front window allows for the use of wide angle lenses and large telecentric lenses. Lastly, autoVimation's mounting kits for laser triangulation tasks allow users to integrate Orca enclosures quickly and easily into 3D applications.


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