Automation Technology

C2 sensors

Automation Technology has launched what it describes as a new generation of high-speed 3D sensors


Automation Technology now offers a thermographic inspection system for non-destructive testing of composite materials

C4-2040-GigE 3D camera

Automation Technology has extended its C4 camera series of high-speed 3D sensors. The new C4-2040-GigE delivers more than 66 million 3D points with a profile frequency of up to 32kHz

C4-1280 GigE camera

Automation Technology has introduced the C4-1280 GigE camera, featuring a high-resolution 3D sensor. The new model has a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, and delivers up to 71 profiles per second

C4-2350-GigE camera

Automation Technology has introduced new models to its C4 camera series. The FPGA-based cameras profile data through laser triangulation

C4 camera series

Automation Technology has introduced the C4 camera series, which features a fast, high-resolution 3D sensor


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