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CX compact sensors for 3D scanning

Automation Technology has introduced its CX line of compact detector-heads for high-speed 3D scanning. The new devices, according to the company, are the world's fastest high-resolution-sensors, and are available at 2,352 x 1,728px resolution and maximum profile-frequency of 23.5kHz, or 1,280 x 1,024 pixels and up to 71.5kHz. The sensors feature integrated laser electronics in a compact and protective housing, which can be arranged to meet customer requirements.

CameraLink and GigE Vision interfaces are available for the sensors, and they are GenICam compatible. In addition, the Gigabit Ethernet version is also available as a smart camera with an image memory of 1GB.

The components in the sensor head are built in according to the Scheimpflug principle, allowing an extended depth of sharpness. Thanks to the company's recently developed HDR-3D technology the image intensity is high, which extends the dynamic range to up to 90dB. This allows variably reflective surfaces to be scanned.

The 3D-compact sensors can be used with image processing tools available on the market, enabling integrators to work with their preferred tools during the development phase of their applications.


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