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Automation Technology now offers a thermographic inspection system for non-destructive testing of composite materials. This mobile inspection system called C-CheckIR uses active thermography for reliable detection of delaminations, water inclusions, debondings, and other defects.

C-CheckIR is easy to operate and does not require extensive training. The complete inspection head of the unit is mounted on a light support frame complete with vacuum suction feet to fix the system to the surface of the object under inspection.

The system is controlled from a tablet-PC through an intuitive user interface. For the most common materials, such as CRP or GRP, C-CheckIR features pre-set inspection parameters. The parameters can be adjusted easily if required.

The measurement itself takes just a few seconds. The optical excitation source of C-CheckIR provides thermal excitation of the object, while the system’s infrared camera records a sequence of images. The data is then processed by the software to show information about the internal structure of the material, where typical defects such as delaminations can be identified.

The system is ideal for use in areas including aerospace, navy, wind energy, and automotive industries, among others.


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