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C4-2350-GigE camera

Automation Technology has introduced new models to its C4 camera series. The FPGA-based cameras profile data through laser triangulation. The smart camera architecture features an image-storage capacity of up to 1GB for fast and accurate 3D measurement with customised algorithms.

The C4-2350-GigE model has a resolution of up to 2,352 x 1,728 pixels and delivers more than 58 million 3D points per second, with a profile frequency of up to 23.5kHz. The integrated C4 processor scans the height profile of surfaces with a sub-pixel precision of up to 1/64 of a pixel without losing speed.

The camera has a GigE Vision interface, which enables an easy setup through a standardised GenICam protocol. The combination of GigE Vision and GenICam interfaces allow the C4 camera to be operated using software independent of the camera, thus minimising integration and application development costs.


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